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My name is Jade and I'm a first time Mummy to our beautiful baby girl Arabella.

We started our weaning journey around the beginning of May 2019. I was extremely excited, but I felt quite overwhelmed by the various different flavours that we needed to try.

After making various notes on my phone and scrap pieces of paper, firstly about which fruit and vegetables I had pre-prepared and secondly tracking which flavours she was trying along the way, I thought that there must be a much more fun and easy way to track her first flavours!

So, I decided to design a personalised weaning chart for me to use with Arabella's name and photo, which I added to our notice board to track our journey. It allowed me to plan and track her 'one new flavour per day' for the first two weeks of weaning. And it's something that I'll keep to remember her very first flavours! It became a really fun part of the day - adding a new sticker to the chart and planning the following day's first flavour. 

I posted my journey on social media and I was pleasantly surprised at the interest it generated. So, I decided to design a fun and personalised 'My First Flavours' and a 'My First Flavour Combinations' chart along with a set of stickers to help other parents plan and track their weaning journeys.

I hope that you have as much fun as I did using the charts on your weaning journey.

Happy Weaning!

Best wishes,

Jade x

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