Personalise Your Weaning Journey...


Personalised For You

Every weaning chart is individually finished by hand and tailored to you - just provide a photo and how you would like the name to appear!


A Lovely Keepsake

The weaning charts are a lovely keepsake for you to remember your baby's 'First Flavours' or 'First Flavour Combinations'.


Perfect For Planning

There are 35 different fruit and vegetable stickers to choose from for the weaning charts to help you pre-plan your baby's first two weeks of flavours, giving you a simple and easy visual plan to follow.

Alternatively, you can add a sticker each day to track and remind you which flavours your baby has tasted on your journey so far. You can also record which flavours they love and which flavours they aren't so keen on!

Our Personalised Weaning Charts

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